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(Monday morning in the Southern Hemisphere) that contain:

Whats included in the MOON VIBE GUIDE:

* Instant download of the last Moon Vibe Guide will be delivered upon signup!


THE MOON VIBE READINGS for the following week going through Sunday – you don’t have to wait for us to post them AND you can read way ahead of the times so that you are FULLY prepared for what is to come.

EXTENDED FULL MOON WRITTEN READINGS – we only share HALF of the reading on social media since I started doubling the reading for my inner circle! So there is just as much, or more, insight and guidance waiting for you in the MVG.

NEW MOON PODCASTS – Exclusive to the MVG and not available otherwise for now. Every New Moon you get some life altering guidance in a 25 minute per sign reading. How KV channels is different in print and voice! These are super entertaining!

MOON MAPPING COMPASS for each month + instruction video on how to read the month in a circular fashion! WAY insightful and directional on when you should do what.

EXTRA TEACHINGS + STORIES WITH KV – sometimes KV goes deep into her personal world to share some of the tools and wisdom that will make your journey or the moment easier to handle. These come as surprises that your soul needs to hear to handle challenging situations that may be coming in future weeks.

DAILY RITUAL NOTICES will be delivered to your inbox every day with the reading for the following day. (You can opt out of this if you don’t want the daily emails)


Special discounts in the shop that are always more than what we offer to the general public.

Special Energy Updates.

And soon to be a PRIVATE SPACE that is all our own and will be JAM PACKED full of more surprises! Its gonna be WAY OUT THERE great!!!

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